The Shores at Port Credit

Retirement living should be active, inspiring and fulfilling.

Located in Port Credit, Verve Senior Living is pleased to announce the upcoming Grand Opening of a new and exciting senior living community and would like your input.

The Shores of Port Credit is a multi-residential, fully integrated community of Adult Lifestyle housing and consists of:

Phase 1

16 luxury Condominium Townhomes with private elevators.

Phase 2

8-storey, upscale, concierge-style rental apartments; Independent 1-bedroom,
1-bedroom plus den and 2-bedroom suites with full gourmet kitchen, ensuite laundry, pool, fitness gym and entertaining space.

8-storey, personalized, full-service Retirement Residence; Independent, Supportive Living and dedicated Assisted Living and Memory Care neighbourhoods.

The residence offers substantial amenity spaces.


By completing the survey below, you can help Verve fine-tune the Phase 1 Condominium Townhome overall design, floor plans and appointments that will best meet the needs and expectations of future townhome residents in this exclusive Port Credit location. All survey responses will be held in confidence. At the conclusion of the survey, you will be asked if you would like to participate further by partaking in a focus group discussion with a small group of interested homeowners and the builder.

Submission of your survey answers will place you on the Townhome Priority Registration List.

1. General Questions

Are you a real estate agent?
What attracts you most to living in Port Credit? (Please check all that apply)
Do you currently:
In what type of home do you live?

2. Townhome Questions

Note: All townhomes will feature elevators as standard features

What size of townhome would you like?
Which would you prefer?
How many bedrooms would you prefer?
In a 3-storey townhome, where would you prefer the Master Bedroom?
Would you like two Master Bedrooms?
If yes to two Master Bedrooms, which would you prefer?
If yes to two Master Bedrooms, which would you prefer?
For the Master Ensuite Bathroom, which do you prefer?
For the second Master Ensuite Bathroom, which do you prefer?
What degree of interest do you have in an open-concept Kitchen, Dining, and Family Room area?
What degree of interest do you have in a separate Dining Room?
Which ceiling heights do you prefer?
What degree of interest do you have in the following Kitchen features?
a) Island
b) Breakfast Bar with eating surface
c) Pantry
d) Linear kitchen design (where appliances and cupboards are along the walls allowing for a total open space for a table or island)
e) Undermount sink
f) Integrated fridge and dishwasher (where appliance fronts match the cupboards)
g) Stainless Steel appliance package
h) USB Charger outlets
i) Built-in under counter waste bins
Which flooring types do you prefer in the following?
Family Room
Please indicate different flooring options you would be interested in
Would you pay extra for heated floors?
If yes to heated floors, please check which floors you would like heated.
Which would you prefer (please rank 1 to 4)
  • Dens
  • Libraries
  • Office
  • Lofts
Which type of fireplace would you prefer?
Roof-top Garden terrace
If interested in a roof-top terrace, what would like included? Please check all that apply.
Terrace/Patio off ground level
If interested in ground level terrace/patio, would you like gas access for BBQ
Where would you prefer your Laundry Room?

3. Community Amenities Questions

Townhome residents will be given the opportunity to take advantage of the plethora of amenities in the Adult Lifestyle building and Retirement Residence. A monthly membership fee or pay-as-you-use fee would be applicable. Please advise your interest in the following amenities.

How important is access to a swimming pool and/or hot tub?
How important is access to a Gym and/or exercise classes?
How important is access to a Salon, Wellness Spa and physiotherapist?
How important is access to a party room and/or roof-top party terrace?
How important is the ability to use the Dining Areas, Bar and Bistro?
How important is the ability to use a private Dining Room where you can cook your own meals or order gourmet catering?
How important is the ability to join in with the special events, vacation getaways and entertainment social gatherings?
How important is the ability to purchase a-la-carte meals at the Retirement Building?
Would you be interested in the ability to purchase meal packages (i.e. 5 or 10 per month) at the Retirement Building?

4. Environmental Features Questions

How important is energy efficiency in the decision to purchase your new home?
Geo Thermal is being considered for the site. Geo Thermal is a renewable and sustainable form of energy as it heats and cools the home using the natural heat from the earth. It is environmentally friendly as it produces little to no greenhouse gas emissions. Although it costs more to install the system, monthly costs for the homeowner are significantly less.

How important is a Geo Thermal system to you versus a natural gas system?
When considering an energy efficient home, what degree of interest do you have in the following?
a) Healthier indoor environment (i.e. continuous fresh air circulation)
b) Protection of the environment (i.e. lower greenhouse gas emissions)
c) Cost Savings
d) Better quality construction of the home
e) More comfortable home
f) Quieter home
g) Windows - Reflective solar coating on glass.
h) Increased resale value of the home
i) Other (please specify)
If you were to invest in an energy efficient “green” home, please evaluate the importance of each of the following features:
Energy efficient light bulbs
Energy efficient appliances
Energy efficient insulation
Energy efficient windows
Improved indoor air quality (i.e. programmable thermostats)
Water efficiency (i.e. dual flush toilets)
Energy efficient furnace
Energy efficient air conditioning system
Energy efficient flooring (i.e. basement insulation)
Drain water heat recovery
Heat pump
Approximately how much extra would you consider paying for the energy efficient features in your new home knowing energy efficiency saves monthly utility charges?
Knowing it will cost more money to incorporate energy savings products, what would be your energy savings objective?

5. Smart Home Questions

Below are eight (7) Smart Home features. Please evaluate how important each feature is to you.
Thermostat - Heating and cooling
Arm and disarm security
Lock and unlock doors
Home Entertainment – Audio and Visual
Digital Intercom
Ability to control home settings via off-site Smart Phone/iPad
Automatic opening and closing of window shades

6. Closing Questions

How much are you willing to pay for your townhome?
What is your timeframe for buying a new townhome?
To what age group do you belong?
What is your marital status?
How many family members or friends will live in your new townhome?
How many automobiles in your household?
Would you want to buy or rent additional parking spaces
How important is an electric car charger or rough-in for future car charger in your parking spaces?
How important is a car wash bay and vacuum system in the parking garage for you to hand wash your car?
How important is ample space for visitor parking?
How important is a community car share program where you central book and rent a vehicle for use instead of your own vehicle?
If working, WHAT is your occupation?
If working, which city do you work in?
How did you learn about us?
If we decide to conduct a focus group discussion, would you be interested in attending?

Thank you for completing the survey and welcome to the Priority Registration List